We know that consumers’ expectations stay high more and more in a time of creative ideas and innovations. But many brands face the challenge – it’s hard to deliver the core of products or services to Japanese consumers. The lack of communication strategy or the current resources might make them do so.

Our mission is to solve the issues. We work as your partner. We work on your plan aligned with the brand’s core values and help deliver the real message of how you want to be to consumers in the long term. To do that, we dive into the clients’ backgrounds to understand each case. Our goal is to build your brand theme that can link to Japanese users to provide the brand’s essence.

For brand promotion and events

We help build brand value in Japan.

In this time and age, it’s becoming harder for brands to be unique among many others. So we help brands to build value on the promotion side. We create brand stories people want to see, try, and share. And we aim to link customers’ perceptions with your brand’s long-term purchase. But the most basic is to deliver how the brands want to be in the next 20 or 30 years. That is our pursuit o build brand value.


What we do

PR, Social media, Event and Consulting

For Japan business development

We help brands to create a unique value in Japan.

First, we listen to your goal, target and core value. Then we look at how your products or services make distinct in the market. We work with you to create a commercial and brand development plan. And then we execute it. That is our process. It’s not short-term results that we want. Our mission is to support you to achieve your goal in the long term based on the value you create.


What we do

Brand Business Development and Consulting


Krayon, Inc.

Kudan Minami 1-5-6-5F, Chiyoda-Ku,
Tokyo, Japan


Hiroky Nakaya

Founder and Managing Director

Co-creation, Co-building and Circulation

“My passion is to help individuals and corporates by bringing out the essence of who they are. It links to their actions, values, and environments, which brings true joy to me. In the end, my passion leads to their brand-building and contributes to their company’s growth. This circulation creates the one and only for them.”


Hiroky has helped base two roles in marketing and PR for global brands, startups, corporates, and art organisations in the UK, Italy, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Japan. He has more than 20+ years of experience in growing brand marketing in 19 countries and has produced 90 shows and events in Europe and Asia.

He has launched Krayon, Inc. to help build the brand value with his team and link it with the client’s financial growth.

In his free time, he likes to travel and run.