We know that consumers’ expectations are even higher in a time of creative ideas and innovations. But many brands face a challenge. It takes much work to deliver the essence of brands to Japanese targets. It cannot reach them. It cannot be part of their pre-purchasing. As a result, those brands are in the shadows among the more popular and widely accepted brands in the market. What is the cause of this? The lack of communication strategy, brand-building perception, or current resources might make them do so. We have to delve into the clients’ backgrounds to understand each case.


So, what can we do for those brands? What do we want to do for them? We asked ourselves. Our thought is this. We want to ask who the brands are. We want to think about what their brand’s essence is. We want to find out what makes it hard for brands. We want to solve their issues. We want to support them. And we want to deliver the messages of why brands’ products or services help target lives, how brands strive for their goals, and how brands want to be for them in the long term. We see this as the brand’s core. It is a stance towards their goal. To approach with those consistent but blended messages with diverse angles increase the brand’s exposure and gains media recognition. Then, this is linked to the target’s purchases. It can create ties with them. Not only once but constantly over time.


In essence, we want to be close to the clients. We want to understand their brand’s core deeply. We do this with a long-term view, consistency and passion. We help clients build their style through the three principles. We aim to develop a client’s brand theme that can relate to Japanese targets.

For brand promotion and events

We help brands to build their style from the promotion side. We create brand stories targets want to see, try, and share. And we pursue to link their perceptions with the brand’s long-term purchase. We promote how the brands want to be for a long time.


What we do

PR, Social media, Strategy and planning, Media relations, Showroom, Event and Consulting

For New business development

We help foreign and Japanese companies with overseas growth plans. We offer services to meet clients’ requests using our partnerships, experts, and alliances.


What we do

Overseas Business Development, Brand Development, Marketing research, Agent research, Trade show and sales event support and Consulting


Krayon, Inc.

Kudan Minami 1-5-6-5F, Chiyoda-Ku,
Tokyo, Japan

[email protected]

Hiroky Nakaya

Founder and Managing Director

Hiroky has helped base two roles in marketing and PR for global brands, startups, corporates, and art organisations based in the UK, Italy, Mexico, and Japan. He has more than 20+ years of experience growing brand marketing in 19 countries and has produced 90 shows and events in Europe and Asia.

He has launched Krayon, Inc. to help brands to deliver their essence with his team.

He studies at Kyoto University Executive Leadership Program.

In his free time, he likes traveling, running, and watching Noh plays.